Graffiti Removal Suggestions & Tricks From the Specialists

Let’s face it, undesirable graffiti on the exterior of your commercial building isn’t just an eyesore but in addition a pain to clean. Sadly, no matter what number of precautions you take, if in case you have a taggable exterior, it’s probably going to occur – repeatedly. Thankfully, graffiti removal strategies are available. UNfortunately, you can chalk up the graffiti removal process to just another value of doing business.

So, let’s talk about the right way to remove graffiti paint effectively and one of the best available methods for each surface. As a commercial building or enterprise owner, this information can prevent valuable time and forestall pointless mistakes when cleaning up unsightly tags.

Graffiti Removal Methods

These methods for removing graffiti are tried and true. Though some elbow grease and time are involved, the results are worth it. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand how each method works and learn which are safe to your commercial surfaces. Though unwanted graffiti is annoying, ruining the wall or different area when cleaning is a headache you don’t need.

Chemical Removal

Though highly efficient, chemical removal requires caution. Aside from adverse environmental impacts, robust chemical solvents will be harmful to workers and others within the vicinity. Most solvents are toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skinvolved, so excessive warning is crucial during use, similar to employing personal protection equipment (PPE), face shields, chemical-resistant gloves, or respiratory protection.

Additionally, the chemical graffiti removal process isn’t safe for all surfaces, so carefully read the directions before application and always perform a patch test – or higher yet, consult a professional graffiti removal surface.

Pressure Washing

Though pressure washing is one of the least invasive graffiti removal strategies, it’s additionally one of the least effective, and it’s additionally a significant drain on water resources. Unless you are attempting to remove chalk out of your building’s sidewalk, parking lot, or exterior, pressure washing probably isn’t going to do the trick. In most cases, pressure washing is utilized in mixture with chemical cleaners and used to rinse and remove the solvents from the realm being treated.

Sand Blasting

Sand blasting can be an efficient graffiti removal process for deep-set and dried paint on a surface since it gently removes surface layers. It requires special equipment and entails a significant clean-up afterward. Best used with masonry and cement surfaces, sand blasting wants careful application, so chipping or and many othershing doesn’t occur. Nevertheless, if the masonry or stone is old or historical, one other methodology will be less damaging.

Painting Over

Many building owners simply paint over graffiti. Although inexpensive and initially effective, painting is just not a perfect long-time period solution. Unless your wall is already painted, this removal option will create an unsightly patchwork impact if the identical area is handled more than a couple of times. Additionally, a number of coats of paint will start to peel over time, requiring repair and more work within the lengthy run. Consider applying an “anti-graffiti” protective coating to the surface after painting, which will aid in future removal.

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